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Blaze 80-10-10 (Turkey)

Blaze 80-10-10 (Turkey)

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Help your dog maintain a healthy life with Blaze 80/10/10! A complete, sustainable raw diet that your dog will love. Plus it gives them the immune support, energy and antioxidants they need for their health and well being. Every ingredient is 100% natural and made fresh daily. You won't find this kind of nutrition in any dry food or can food. Raw food is king and is there true ancestral diet. The benefits are endless! See for yourself try Blaze today!

Our Blaze Turkey is perfect for joint & muscle support and sensitive tummies!

Our Ingredients: Free range turkey, Turkey liver, Turkey heart, Gizzards, Back and neck bones, broccoli, Carrots , Spinach, Zucchini, Blueberries, Apples, Sweet potato 

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