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Professional Pet Grooming For Dogs

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Treat Your Dog To An All-Natural Grooming Experience

Hygiene is just as important for your dog as it is for you. A healthy coat provides a number of benefits for your dog such as reducing odor and shedding. As it happens, these things are also great for you as a pet owner! Animalia NoHo offers professional pet grooming services at our North Hollywood location, all of which use all-natural grooming techniques and products that promote wellness in your dog and the environment. Learn more about our pet grooming salon services by contacting us today or purchase a grooming service online!

Bath and Nail Trim

Dogs of all breeds, sizes, and types of coats need regular bathing, just like you do! At Animalia NoHo, our professional pet grooming salon offers affordable, all-natural baths and nail trimming for dogs of all sizes. Your dog will receive an oxygen-infused bath with natural pet shampoo and a blow-dry for a beautiful, healthy coat. Plus, we trim their nails (a rather tricky task on your own) as well as clean their ears and shave the hair around their feet and pads. Learn more about our bath and nail trim service and schedule your dog’s next grooming at our Hollywood location today!

Deep Hydrotherapy By Thera Clean

Deep hydrotherapy isn’t just your typical bath. This treatment by Thera Clean deep cleans the hair of your dog as well as the skin using nothing but natural microbubbles. We also include a plant enzyme that helps loosen the dirt and debris stuck on the skin wall that you can’t see. Performed by our Holistic Nutrition Pet Counselor and certified expert Jacqui Everett, a deep hydrotherapy treatment is a fantastic way to treat dogs suffering from conditions such as allergies, hormonal problems, fungal and bacterial infections, skunk attacks, and more. This will be the deepest, longest-lasting clean your dog will ever experience and the results are extraordinary! Your dog will look, smell, and feel better for weeks. Learn more about our deep hydrotherapy service and schedule your dog’s next grooming at our Hollywood location today!
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Keep Your Pet’s Coat In Top Condition!

Protect your pet’s coat and keep it healthy and shining with all-natural pet grooming supplies from Animalia NoHo!

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