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Deep Hydro Therapy by Thera Clean

Animalia Noho is widely recognized as the go-to place for dogs (and cats!) with health problems of all kinds. Some clients are traveling to us from a great distance for our treatments and expertise.

Our Holistic Nutrition Pet Counselor Jacqui Everett is a certified expert and will work with you to treat your dog with allergies, hormonal problems, fungal and bacterial infections, parasites, skunk attacks, and a host of other skin and coat maladies that you and your Veterinarian have identified.

Deep Hydro Therapy by Thera Clean is changing the pet grooming world. We have seen extraordinary results, and have provided significant relief to some chronic conditions such as allergies, mites and mange, bacterial and fungal problems, and Alopecia, and acute conditions like Hot Spots. Topical medication alone does not always provide the relief needed. Treating the outside of the skin and down deep into the hair follicle can accomplish what no topical treatment can. We can heal the skin from the bottom up, from the inside out. We can interrupt the re-infection cycle by purging all foreign and problematic matters from the lower layers of the epidermis as new skin cells are being formed. Deep Hydro Therapy by Thera Clean is the deepest and longest-lasting clean your pet will ever experience. Your dog will look, smell, and feel better for weeks. And it even reduces shedding!



Deep Hydro Therapy by Thera Clean treatments can assist virtually any skin condition through simple, gentle, natural deep cleaning with our incredible micro-bubble machine. The microscopic bubbles penetrate deep inside the skin, penetrating inside pores and hair follicles, literally lift dander, allergens, fungus, bacteria, etc., away from the skin.

Added to that, our Flixx products give the skin and coat what it needs to heal itself. Essential oils, emollients for curly, long, combination coats, detoxification for troubled skin, and oils for extra dry short and smooth coats.

Combining the forces of our incredible micro-bubble machine — the gentle, natural, safe, and effective way to use air and water to get your pet the cleanest skin. With our 100% natural, healthy pet products chosen to address the needs of a particular issue, we are able to help many pet parents struggling with expensive, chronic, torturing skin ailments that are clearly making their beloved pets suffer disappear! 

Now available at Animalia NoHo – Thera-Clean Microbubble!



Thera-Clean Micro-Bubble Technology can't be found for hundreds of miles but it is here in North Hollywood! This stunningly effective new technology is so gentle, so natural — just water and air — delivered in a gentle bubble wash. The microscopic bubbles actually penetrate deep into the skin, inside hair follicles and pores, to lift out allergens, dander, fungus, bacteria, skunk, and other problems. We have already witnessed virtual cures of severe skin and coat issues that have plagued some of our beloved pet clients for years!.

Highly affordable, especially when compared to years of discomfort endured by your pet along with the expensive, ineffective medical treatments that don't address illnesses at the core level.


How it works:

So gentle — only water and air— the enzymes in the water break up the sebum crust that normal shampoos cannot penetrate — and then sends very tiny charged bubbles inside the follicles and pores to attach themselves to dander, allergens, fungus, bacteria, and any other problem in the skin.

Deep Hydro Therapy Treatment Packages

In order to deep clean the pores and hair follicles of your dog’s chronic skin condition, while new skin is being formed, micro-bubble packages are the cost-effective way to stay ahead of the skins re-infection and insure these chronic ailments disappear. If your pet's condition is serious, more than one or two treatments may be necessary to control the problem; after assessment, packages will be recommended and booking appointments at the time of purchase will ensure the package's effectiveness.

Regular, ongoing seasonal, or monthly maintenance treatments are also recommended for chronic skin problems. Skipped treatments cannot be refunded.



After the first treatment, there MAY be an initial itching reaction as the previously clogged pores and skin opens, and surface crusty sebum build-up is removed. This is a GOOD thing! It means the skin is healing. We see this in about 10% of the dogs receiving new micro-bubble treatments. You should not see this itching after follow-up treatments. Keep the area covered with a T-shirt or similar item of clothing for a day or two after the first treatment if this happens. Please wash all pet's bedding and vacuum all sleeping areas to help control re-infection after treatment.