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A bottle of Flixx for animals show-quality pet shampoo

Pet Shampoo: Flixx Show-Quality Shampoo For Animals

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Flixx pet shampoo is a show-quality shampoo that comes in a 16oz. plastic bottle made to protect its pure ingredients. Flixx show-quality pet shampoo completely cleans the coat and skin of residue from chemical repellents, insects, eggs, dandruff, and dirt. It’s made with the highest-quality, natural Glycerin from a plant source and the purest therapeutic soap base. Best of all, Flixx has no detergents, fillers, or chemicals, and it is 100% natural!

Key Benefits:

  • Show-quality pet shampoo
  • 100% natural with no detergents, fillers, or chemicals
  • Cleans the coat and skin of residue from dandruff, dirt, and more
  • Made with high-quality, natural Glycerin from a plant source
  • Uses the purest therapeutic soap base

Flixx show-quality pet shampoo is very different from other shampoos because it rehydrates the skin, leaving it moist and soothing itchy, dry hot spots. Your pet’s coat shines with the natural brilliance it was meant to have and the softness we like, plus it takes the chore out of combing and brushing our pets. The revolutionary "Flixx" repelling action continues while you are bathing your pet because this shampoo contains the purest essential oils that repel insects.

With a 100% natural regiment of Flixx show-quality pet shampoo and Flixx all-natural insect repellent spray, you will free your pets of harmful, unwanted insects and chemicals, plus you don't have to wear rubber gloves or a mask while bathing your pets!