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You Are What You Eat!

2020 was a challenging year to say the least and many of us are looking forward, and hopeful to 2021 being the new, fresh start we all long for.  Some of us promise to start that new health journey, to exercise more, to drink more water, and to eat right but some of us are looking to begin the new year with someone to love, cherish, and care for someone who will bring joy, light, and laughter to take away those fearful moments and those dark clouds.  I hear many say it's a new puppy or kitten or maybe even a senior pet who needs you as much as you need him/her.  As we decide to carry out our thoughts to bring these puppies, kittens and senior pets into our lives, we need to consider their needs as well.  We need to understand that their bodies thrive on real nourishment; a daily portion of protein, carbs, fat, minerals and more.  Creative thought needs to go into the feeding of this living creature.  Remember, you are what you eat and the right foods are medicine and the wrong foods are poison!

Think about what you are offering your pet to eat!... look at it...a bowl of dry food for your loved one! Would you enjoy a bowl of dry crackers every day or would you prefer a well cooked, well balanced  chicken, steak, or salmon dinner with sweet potatoes, a salad, sautéed string beans or broccoli with butter and garlic...good healthy food!  Well so would your pet infact, many manufacturers have taken the drudgery out of the preparation just open the sheath or package and scoop it into your pet's bowl.  The point is, your pet needs nutrition to grow and stay healthy!  Puppies especially need good bone building, digestible foods.  "To expensive" you say? well so is a trip to the vet's office which is where your baby will end up without the right nutrition.

Remember...your pet's health and happiness is a reflection of you!

Please protect nature and respect wildlife!

Ciao for now