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Hello Animalia Friends:

The holidays are upon us! these are happy and exciting days for most of us especially when Christmas Gifts are involved but please think about the furry kids in the family.

  • Small toys left on the floor can cause as much pain for pets as it does joy for kids. Pets will chew, destroy and even swallow small toys, socks, cotton, gift wrapping, and any drugs left lying around...medicinal or otherwise!
  • Dogs like to run and jump; they can get tangled in Christmas tree Lights, knock down trees, and injure their feet and legs when they step on hard plastic toys.
  • Pets will flash those big puppy eyes when they want to sample a piece of anything you are eating but please remember both of you will pay dearly if you give in and feed your pet people sweets, treats, alcohol,or cooked foods. Later your pet may experience an upset tummy, vomit, or develop a serious case of diarrhea!
  •  Please remember to empty your trash at days end because your smart pet will wait until the house is empty or no-one is watching to sneak into the garbage and enjoy all discarded holiday goodies! then a trip to the vet's office will put a damper on the holiday spirit.
  • Have a safe, joyous, responsible, SMALL holiday event.

Animalia would like to thank all of our responsible and loyal pet parents and we want to wish you all a very happy and most of all HEALTHY NEW YEAR!


Jacqui / Larry